Friday, June 08, 2007

Baby Squared

Hi everybody -- I'm no longer blogging here at Jane's Calamity. Please visit my snazzy new blog, Baby Squared over at

Babble, for those of you not familiar with it, is a very cool parenting site -- more honest, irreverent, and fun than a lot of the other ones out there. One thing I really like is in their "health and development" section, they show you a range of opinions on child/baby care advice from different sources so you can (gasp!) decide for yourself what's best for you and your baby. I'm also a (guilty) fan of their celebrity baby blog (babies of celebrities, that is). There's a lively message board community, too.

Those of you who've been reading here at Jane's Calamity awhile may find me plagiarizing myself a little bit while I get ramped up. Don't snitch. ;-)

Hope to see you there!