Saturday, December 23, 2006

All is calm -- for the moment, anyway

I don't have much to post about -- really, I'm posting because I fear that if I don't, you'll all assume I'm on the brink of giving birth or already have. Because, obviously, in the midst of the holidays, you're all waiting on pins and needles, checking this blog obsessively, utterly consumed with thoughts of when I'm going to deliver. Because it's all about me. Me, me, me.

Me who is still most decidedly, uncomfortably pregnant.

What can I tell you....over the past few days, the sharp, stretching pains in my upper abdomen have gotten much worse. Yesterday afternoon, the pain actually woke me up from a nap and caused me to yelp. It's the strangest thing -- not like any sort of discomfort I ever expected to experience in pregnancy. It actually feels like a cut or a sore, but there's no evidence of anything on the surface of my skin; not even a stretch mark. What really sucks is that there's basically nothing I can do to relieve the pain. Icing it seems to help a little, but I can only do that for a few minutes at a time, lest the gals get chilled.

I'm having more contractions now, too, mostly in the evenings -- not Braxton Hicks, but the real thing, cramping up my lower abdomen and back. They (obviously) haven't yet gotten into a pattern of intensifying and coming closer together. Still, I take their presence as a good sign that things are progressing. I really would like to go into labor on my own, sans medical intervention.

In other news, yesterday I treated myself to a pedicure, then promptly ruined it by putting my shoes back on too soon. But that's OK. There's really not much improving the appearance of my disgusting, swollen feet at this point. The main reason I went was to be able to sit in the massaging chair and read People Magazine for a half an hour. And I'm sorry to report that it's official: Vince and Jen are no more.

It will be a quiet Christmas here in the Calamity household -- just me and A. and the cat, my overtaxed uterus and its residents, a pre-prepped Christmas dinner from Whole Foods, and It's a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol (starring A's namesake) on VHS.

Unless, of course, the babes decide to make a dramatic Yuletide entrance, squeezing their way down the chimney of life and bursting out into the gaily decked halls of human existence. It would be lousy for them down the road, I suppose, to have their birthday(s) fall on Christmas eve or day. But for me, it would be the rockingest Christmas present ever.

And, as I noted earlier, it's all about me.

And you. Thank you for reading, and for all your support and encouragement and enthusiasm. It's been great to have you along on this long, strange trip. (And it ain't over yet.) Here's wishing you a healthy, happy, peaceful Christmas (and/or Hannukah, belatedly.)

(Contracting as I type this, by the way -- bring it on!!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yo. Buster here...incapable of remembering her password.
(or i suppose i should change my identity to Chicken Little, now that my birth predictions are 0-3)
one of your fans who obsessively checks your blog. So i'm glad you continue to post and thwart assumptions that you're holding babies as i write.
oooooooooooo. the plot thickens as the cervix thins!!!!!!!!!!!

Sounding like enough is stirring to outwit Induction Day.
All of a sudden I'm remembering being with a friend during labor, and in the early stages she found the Christmas tree lights to be quite mesmerizing and rather trippy.
Meanwhile we are having a lovely Christmas Eve hoarfrost this morning- inviting a walk while sending dilation wishes your way.
oh wait, wrong direction.

10:57 AM  
Blogger Churlita said...

I predicted today, so here's hoping I was correct. If not, enjoy the free hormone high and the last quiet Christmas you're likely to have for many, many years.

Have a great holiday and a wonderful delivery. I can't wait for the birth story post.

12:02 PM  

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