Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Prayer request, News, and a Diversion

I know, I'm becoming a posting whore. I guess you could say I have a little free time on my hands.

1. Those of you who aren't already, please send your good wishes and healthy baby vibes to my friend the motel manager, who got some atypical amnio results and is waiting in limbo-land to find out what -- if anything -- they mean. I can't imagine how stressful and worrying this must be.

2. I saw my OB yesterday. Not much to report, except that both heartbeats are healthy, and the nurse I've gotten the past few times to do the preliminary checks is an idiot. Three weeks in a row now, she's asked me what I plan to do regarding birth control after the babies are born. Each time I've given the same response. (I plan to look haggard, unwashed and exhausted all the time. That oughta do it.)

This time, she also asked me if I was interested in taking any childbirth or childcare classes. WTF? I guess this is on her "questions to ask" list for the 36-week visit for singleton mothers. I wanted to say: "I'm 36 weeks pregnant with twins, you idiot. I could go into labor yesterday. I took my damned courses." But I didn't.

My doctor didn't have much besides sympathy to offer for the abdominal pain and tenderness I'm feeling, which seems to get worse by the day. All par for the course. He did, however, have me schedule a date for induction at 38 weeks. January 3, specifically. (At the front desk, they said "9:30 OK?" Umm...gee..could we make it 10:00? I have a hair appointment that morning....)

It's nice to have an end in sight, but I am sincerely hoping that I'll go into labor on my own before that. I'm not too keen on the idea of a pitocin-assisted birth. On the other hand, I'm not too keen on the idea of going on like this for more than two more weeks.

In the meantime, I am going to start trying some mild, natural induction techniques: massaging certain pressure points, trying to get out and walk every day (hobble would be more accurate), spicy food (this is just a wives' tale, but what the hell), and some other things too delicate to mention here. I may also make an appointment to see my acupuncturist at the end of next week and see what she can do.

3. As I was lying in bed last night, tired but unable to fall asleep, I amused myself by thinking up some clues for the babies' (proposed) names. If you're bored at work, or need to procrastinate, feel free to take a guess or two. I won't reply yea or nay to your conjectures, but if you guess both correctly, after the twins are born I'll send honey baked ham. Or perhaps something more appealing, like a box of chocolates.

Here are the clues (these are for the first names only, FYI):

--One of the names is that of a figure from mythology

--One of the names is one letter away from being the name of the heroine of a classic Hollywood film

--One of the names starts with a vowel

--One of the names starts with either B, C, or D

--Neither of the names are in the top 500 for 2005, according to the Baby Name Wizard.


Blogger Motel Manager said...

Goddamn it - I just wrote up a clever comment, and then Blogger deleted it. Assholes.

I guess Daphne for the mythological one, and Elsa for the heroine one (one letter off from Ilsa, of Casablanca fame). Of course, Elsa would be rather close to your cat's name, so maybe not. FYI, I do not like ham.

I hope the gals debut soon - very impressive you've kept 'em a-cookin' for so long!!

12:51 PM  
Blogger T-bone said...

I must get back my copy of the Baby Name Wizard!

1:57 PM  
Blogger Churlita said...

See, and I was thinking Athena and Carlett. Motel Manager's guesses were so much better than mine.

4:13 PM  
Anonymous coldbacon said...


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