Tuesday, October 10, 2006

How incredibly cool is this?

My company is doing major renovations to our office, and is going to be crowding everyone into one side of the office and then the other to get it all done --everyone, that is, EXCEPT those people who can easily work from home, including yours truly. SO, for the next 3 weeks (at a minimum) I will be working from home, only going in as needed for meetings/brainstorming sessions. Wahoooooo! The timing couldn't be better. I'm hoping that, as with most major construction projects, it gets delayed and extended so that I end up having to work from home right up through Thanksgiving when I say sayanora.

What else? Today I had an OB visit. The babies' hearts are pumping away -- wah, wah, wah, wah (that's my impression of a doppler). Baby A's heartbeat was 140 and Baby B's was 156 (she's the one who is generally more active, so this wasn't surprising.)

My doctor said my measurements and weight all look fine, though he could stand to have me be gaining weight a little more quickly. (The words every girl loves to hear...) This blows my mind, though, given how huge I feel. Also, I think he's counting from my weight at my first visit, at which point I'd already gained 5 pounds. From pre-pregnancy to now I've gained a total of 28 pounds. Given that I have at least 10 weeks to go (knock on wood), that seems pretty damned good to me. I don't doubt that I will top 40 pounds of gain, which was the goal all along.

My next visit will be on Halloween, at which time I will do the glucose tolerance test (bleah) and have an ultrasound to see how the bambinas are growing. I can't wait for that. Here's hoping there won't be barfing/fainting involved this time.


Blogger scruffylooking said...

Oh, the GTT. I hated it so much. It was also tough when I worked in OB/Gyn because they're timed and not all women understood how important a couple of minutes could be. Make sure you're sitting down after you take it, it can sometimes make people dizzy.

Good for you for getting to stay home. At the university, they would just have us move to a make-shift space in another building. My biggest fantasy right now is to be able to work from home. How pathetic is that?

11:24 AM  
Blogger bihari said...

Hoorah! So glad to hear the deck seems to be stacking itself in your favor! Yay! Also, congratulations on the brilliant, healthy girls. We will be waiting eagerly for news of them after the U/S.

I made them give me compazine to take before the GTT so I wouldn't barf. Worked great.

1:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I did the glucose test last week--it just tastes like flat orange soda. The hard part was not peeing in between drinking it and getting blood drawn. Why so early, you ask? New due date: December 28th!


11:31 AM  

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